Blacklisted Need Loan?

By | April 29, 2012
More than 5 million people are blacklisted in South Africa. This makes it very difficult for them to access financial products like personal loan, credit cards, overdraft facility or even to get a home loan. This is as a result of irresponsible landing by financial institutions but also lack of financial acumen by those seeking loans.
Blacklisted people find it very hard to clean their debt because normally there will be a huge interest charged over their capital debt. This drives them to look for blacklisted personal loans. Blacklisted personal loans are given to people who can afford to pay the loan back but are currently blacklisted by other financial institutions. They range from blacklisted personal loan to blacklisted car finance and so on.
If you are in need of a loan but are blacklisted, it is always advisable to seek other alternatives before you consider to get a loan for blacklisted people. If you have no other options then this kind of a loan should be your last resort because it always have high interest than other types of loans.

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