Loans For Blacklisted People In South Africa

By | December 28, 2012

It is very hard to find a creditor who is willing to offer loans for blacklisted people. For many people out are struggling to get financial assistance in a form of a personal loan, vehicle finance or even house finance. One of the main reasons for their disappointment is bad credit record. Many loans or finance institutions like banks that offer financial assistance don’t even look at your application if you are blacklisted. This places thousands of people in a very difficult financial situation as bad debt continues to rise globally.
As we try to shake off the effect of a bad credit record trying to get personal finance or loans of any kind is almost impossible when you have been blacklisted. This is what causes many blacklisted loans to be of such a huge help in times when you are desperate for a personal loan when you have been rejected by finance and loans institutions.
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How To Find Loans For Blacklisted People?

Finding personal loan when you have bad credit is very difficult. This does not mean that people with bad credit record do not get loan assistance. There are thousands of creditors who are looking for people with bad credit record. We will suggest a number of steps you need to take take if you are looking for personal loan bad credit record
1. You Must Know you credit record
Most people don’t know that you can have one credit record for free once a year. This is a provision made by law in South Africa. Many people do not check their credit record because they don’t know how to go about it. But before you go for a blacklisted loan application it is important that you check you credit profile.
2. Always Test Your Bank
Being blacklisted does not mean that all banks will turn you away. Some banks use lower risk scores and some accept higher scores as long as a person does not have a judgement. Some will approve loan application from applicants with just one judgement.
3. Browse Through The Net
Most creditors who are offering loans to people with bad credit have opted to advertise their services online. There are many reasons they do this but the point is there are thousands of these online. We advise that you perform a thorough search online before you go out. In your search try to use specific words that contain you blacklisted loan request.
4. Ask The Creditor Relevant Questions
When you find that creditor willing to assist you, we advise that you ask relevant questions so that you understand all obligations. You must know all important details about the loan before you sign.
5. Read Your Loan Agreement
Never take a personal loan without having read the contract. It is important that you understand every point in that contract. You can even ask the creditor to give you a copy of the agreement so that you can go through it and satisfy yourself before signing.
Always remember to check the National Credit Regulator for guidance before you speak to the creditor about blacklisted loan. This will help you know all your rights before you apply for loans for blacklisted people.
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