How To Check If You Are Blacklisted Free Online

By | June 22, 2017

How To Check If You Are Blacklisted Free Online?

How to check if you are blacklisted free online is a question that many people ask especially on Google searches we see everyday. The results will normally fail to provide an answer. This is because they are always sourced from websites that provide blacklisted loans or loans for blacklisted people. These are also known as loans for people with bad credit.

How To Check If You Are Blacklisted?

There are many ways one can check his/her credit record online. ITC and many other agencies do provide that facility. What is very common is that you will find a form you will fill online.

The online form to check if you are blacklisted requires some of your details. These include your ID number which is entered into ITC or any other agency to pull out your credit record. You must make sure that the site looks reputable and has a contact number before you provide your ID number.

You will then get an SMS confirming that you have requested a credit check on your name using your ID number. You also receive an email soon after submitting the form to check if you are blacklisted.

Is It Free To Check Online?

Checking if you are blacklisted or not is free if you are dealing directly with Transunion or any other credit agency. This is because the law forces these agencies to allow you at least one free credit report a year.

Recently we have see many online agencies providing similar service at a cost. Some will not disclose to you that you are entitled to one free credit report per year.

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