Nedbank Secured Personal Loans

By | December 28, 2017
Build a better tomorrow today with a Nedbank Secured Personal Loan. If your pension or provident fund is registered with Nedbank, you could qualify for a Nedbank Secured Personal Loan.

Secured Personal Loan gives you the opportunity to apply* for a loan
against your pension or provident fund. The possibilities are endless –
renovate, do additions or even purchase a home with a Nedbank Secured
Personal Loan.

Members of a pension or provident fund whose fund
has a fund agreement with Nedbank in place may apply for a Secured
Personal Loan. These members must have built up sufficient withdrawal
benefit in their pension or provident fund.

A percentage of the
value of your pension of provident fund as determined by your fund rules
may be used to secure a loan for building, extending or renovating your
home. The repayment term will vary according to the qualifying loan

Personal Loan Features

  • Access to a loan that meets your individual housing needs.
  • Attractive interest rates.
  • No bond registration or property valuation fees.
  • Negotiable instalments depending on repayment periods and funds available.
  • Insurance
    that covers you in the event of death, disability or retrenchment. You
    have the option to arrange your own insurance policy that covers you for
    these events.
Do I Qualify For This Personal Loan?
  • You
    must be permanently employed (by the same employer) for at least three
    consecutive months. Weekly earners need to be employed (by the same
    employer) for at least 12 consecutive months.
  • Your most recent payslip(s) for one month.
  • You must earn a net salary of at least R1 500 a month electronically deposited into your bank account.
  • Your latest bank statement that reflects one month’s salary deposit(s).
  • Your South African green bar-coded identity document.
  • Proof
    of residence for Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) purposes, eg a
    utility bill (electricity, telephone or rates bill/ account). *
    All loan applications are subject to final credit approval, fund rules
    and terms and conditions, including certain income source criteria.

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